World Day Against Child Labor is June 11.

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The bowl of rice took place on Friday April 2 at the Sainte Anne Sainte Marie school (Paris 13).

Children are invited to share a bowl of rice during lunch instead of the canteen meal.

The profit from the operation is donated to our association.

This recipe will be used, if the sanitary conditions allow it, to finance a summer camp before the next school year.

To prepare for this event, we presented our association to the children in each primary class.

The children of the sarobidy Center had prepared for them beautiful dances and songs and a beautiful letter!

2021 02 MERCI 2

We would like to thank Mrs. Dorival, the school principal, the teachers and the children for their very warm welcome and for their interest in our association.


Her name was Lucie Ventso Tanjoniriana, she was 6 years old and in 12th grade.

She died in hospital of food poisoning and high fever.

The Sarobidy Center was closed for a few days for the funeral.

Her father is a carpenter and often comes to do odd jobs at the Centre.

His mother is a worker. They have two other children who are cared for by the Centre.

We think well of them.



On January 16, the Sarobidy Center organized a party in honor of our godchildren. It was an opportunity to congratulate them and encourage them to continue.



 carte 2021  

The children, animators and managers of the Sarobidy Center join us in wishing you a happy New Year 2021!



Repas 2 w  

The Christmas party took place on December 24 at the Sarobidy Center.

Children, parents and facilitators shared

the traditional Christmas meal


The children received gifts.
They presented songs and dances.

Click here to see a vidéo ! 

  cadeaux w



We have not yet received all the school results of the 29 sponsored students. The school rhythm has been turned upside down by the epidemic and confinement. Unfortunately, we learned that 5 students had dropped out.

13 students (out of 19 who took it), 6 girls and 7 boys passed the CEPE (primary school leaving exam). We congratulate them! The results are down but the circumstances were difficult for families and teachers.

We are therefore looking for new godparents for this new school year.

During our last Board of Directors, we decided to increase the monthly payment, it will go from 12€ to 15€/ month. For former sponsors, you can, if you agree, increase your monthly payment.

For more information on sponsorship, click here

To participate, click To participate, click here

lettre filleule009


laine tricot w 

How about we knit together?

Don't know how to knit? Don't have any yarn? Got leftover yarn? With leftover wool, you can make a pair of mittens, small baby slippers, a hat, etc. which can be sold for the benefit of our association.

We can meet to knit, to exchange models, advice and to chat.

If you feel like it, join us on Saturday October 17 at 3 p.m.

Call us on 06 16 31 08 78 to confirm your arrival, we will give you the address of the meeting.


w980 p16x9 img 8215 0

“Here the number of infected is constantly rising and we are confined again. Hospitals are overwhelmed. The children are out of school for 19 days and we continue to give them exercises. Exam dates will not be set yet. The parents cannot work and they return to us for food distributions. Also, it is very cold here. » Lili July 7


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At Saint Joseph school in Cachan

Mrs. Primard, director of Ecole Saint Joseph and the team of teachers suggested that we send a letter to the parents of the school to inform them of the situation at the Sarobidy center. Indeed, the fair where we meet the parents during the craft sale could not take place.

We take this opportunity to salute Ms. Primard who will be retiring at the end of the school year.



At the Sainte Anne Sainte Marie school in Paris

Mrs. Duthoit, director of the Sainte Anne Sainte Marie school, made us an order for crafts. We have prepared 40 gift bags to thank the corresponding parents for their commitment during confinement. We also received money from a bake sale.

We also salute Mrs. Duthoit who is leaving school for new horizons.


2020 fete independance 

"I am sending you these few photos during the distribution of pennants and the Independence Day meals. A big thank you to you for your help and support of the children of Sarobidy. It is thanks to you that these children can benefit from their childhood. »



 distribution de vivres 4



We continue the food distribution for the families of Sarobidy every two weeks.

In addition to the fight against the coronavirus, there is the fight against famine. Due to the confinement which has been extended for two weeks, the families of the Sarobidy center no longer have resources, the parents have lost their jobs. All informal work is prohibited (washerwoman, small businesses, etc.)


Distribution de vivres 5


The class has resumed for children who have an exam at the end of the year. The ASAMA class is open again, there are 40 children preparing for the CEPE (primary school leaving certificate and 6th grade exam). The animators continue to bring work to the children who have to stay at home by giving them photocopies of lessons and exercises to do which are corrected every week.

The godchildren who are in 3rd or final year have also resumed classes. The others benefit from the food distribution. School fees continue to be paid to the establishments.

distribution de vivres 7

A herbal medicine has been developed in Madagascar to prevent and cure COVID 19. Despite the controversies, the government has distributed the medicine to all families in the affected areas..

Despite this, the number of infected people is increasing.

We are still counting on your support to be able to continue these actions.

At the moment we have no other revenue than your donations since the garage sales, craft sales during school parties are cancelled.








distribution vivres 2

Food distributions are underway for families:

2.4 t of rice, 1.6 t of chickpeas, beans, lentils, 240 l of oil, 240 kg of sugar, 60 kg of salt and 720 pieces of soap for 120 families for 1 month.

These distributions will continue as many times as necessary.

Here is a short 3 minute film showing interviews with mothers during the distribution, click here

In addition to the fight against the coronavirus, there is the fight against famine.

We are counting on your support to be able to continue these actions.



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